Swedish Jenny Lexander lives and works in Sthlm/Paris.
She started within Photography and fashion industry in Nyc -98 as Photo Assistant and has been assisting great masters. She is a female photographer with a distinctively striking and poetic profile. Her signature is the way that she captures and reinterprets classical elegance, grace and beauty in a youthful manner. Jenny captures femininity from all perspectives. Many of her pictures conjure up associations with dreams and fairy tales.

Jenny says that she intends to capture the beauty of the image, From life and life's encounters. Femininity is one of the keys to her artistic process. In order to get her desired expression, she has developed a close working relationship with the teams and people around. She prefer working in silence.
Her choice of black and white or colour photography depends on what is best suited to reveal the beauty she sees in the picture.

Jenny Lexander is not just a fashion and advertising photographer. She has also caught the public's eye with her travel exhibition SISU. SISU is a Finnish expression for inner strength and drive. Jenny chose the name for the exhibition because she thinks it is indicative of the spirit of her grandfather and other war veterans.

Jenny's grandfather was a veteran of the Finnish "Winter War". When he was 18, he cycled from the south to the north of Finland, a journey that took several months. Jenny has become so fascinated by his inner strength and the war stories that he had kept in silence almost 70 years, that she decided to plot out and follow his cycling route to photograph the places he had passed along the way. Behind each landscape image from each place is an story that has never been told, On that journey, she also portrayed and interviewed a number of other war veterans aged
from 84 to 97.

Jenny uses an "out of focus effect" for the SISU exhibition pictures. To put some life into that otherwise quite silent subjects. She also wants to reveal the inner strength of these men, who were just young boys when they bravely defended their home country during the war. Fighting against a strong powerful union.This serie of images also signatures Jenny Lexander's style. Poetic,dreamlike, surreal, beautiful, graceful and strictly graphic.
Her latest Project "Le jeu reveur d'une réflexion" / "A dream play as reflections" can be viewed in pictures as well moving images.

Jenny Lexander likes to sit beside her favourite tree by the river of Seine in Paris , draw inspiration and energy from the water, Tree, clouds and wind that nature brings. She was born 1976 in a small Swedish town closeby Sthlm.